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Interested in Doing School in The U.S.?

Adult Students


According to RocApply you will need:

  • "Passport-sized photos

  • Copy of the birth certificate

  • A nonrefundable application fee

  • Current  term report

  • Application forms

  • Proof of Residency

  • Proof of Identification

  • birth certificate or passport

  • government-issued photo identification of one parent or legal guardian

  • Health Records- Student Health History Form, physical exam taken within 12 months, proof of immunization, or vision screening, to mention but a few

  • Documents including health records and immunizations not in English must be translated into English by a certified translator.

  • Recommendation letter from the previous school

  • assessment exam"

Citation MLA8 style: “United States of America High School Application Requirements.” United States of America High School Application Requirements - Apply & Study in | Universities, Accessed 01 Sept. 2023.

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Ideally people transfer to start Freshman (9th grade) in the United States. But students can arrive at any grade. However, we do recommend enter 9th grade so that the college application process is easier and so that they have the entire period of high school to adjust and built a stronger resume 

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Be selective

Be selective of where you apply, take in consideration the environment, if is a public or private, the neighborhood, how much it costs, how good the students perform, etc. 

Testimonies/Recommendations of international students transfering to United States Schools

"Not knowing English can be a challenge at first, but it definetly becomes easier, I study a lot for the assesment exam to enter to the school so I will highly recommend getting a tutor or someone to help you prepare"
- Simon Sandoval
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