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Summer Programs

You can apply to a Summer Program in a United States college/university 

To see what the U.S college experience may be, you can apply to summer programs!

Be sure and aware some may cost money and require time and effort

Which ones should I apply?

You should apply to ones that are related to your interests and that the cost is within your limits.

Do research and make sure to see the eligibility. Check if it states that international students are able to apply.  

This could be a great experience to see how everything works, and even the application is somewhat similar to the college application in which you need letters of recommendation, essays, a transcript, etc.

College Students
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Need some Ideas? 

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Science Summer Programs

Research Science Institute 

Location: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).


The Anson L. Clark Scholars Program

Location: Texas Tech University


Boston Leadership Institute

Location Boston ​


Stanford STARS Internship Program

Location: Standford University ​


Academic connections

Location: UC San Diego ​


Student Science Training Program

Location: University of Florida ​


Summer Internship Program

Location: Johns Hopkins School of Medicine ​ ​ 

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Business Summer Programs

Entrepreneurial Summer Internship Program

Location: Stanford Business

Summer Business Scholars Program

Location: Chicago Booth

Accelerator Summer Business Immension

Location: Vanderbilt University

Berkeley Business Academy for Youth

Location: UC Berkeley

International Business Summer School

Location: Florida International University (FIU)

Business Edge: An Inside Look

Location: Columbia University

The Michigan Ross Summer Business Academy

Location: Ross School of Business (U Michigan)

Art Supply

Art Summer Programs


Location: University of Michigan

Boston College Summer Challenge: Creative Writing Seminar

Location: Boston University 

The Fashion Studio: Portfolio Development 

Location: Cornell University

UCLA Acting and Performance Institute:

Location: University of California Los Angeles.


Law Summer Programs

Georgetown Pre-Law College Prep

Location: Georgetown University 

NYU SPS High School Academy: Criminal Justice

Location: New York University

UCLA Mock Trial Summer Institute 

Location: University of California Los Angeles 

UCI High School Summer Institute in Law

Location: University of California Irvine

Northwestern CTD Academic Summer Camp

Location: Northwestern University 


Engineering Summer programs


Location: UC Davis, Irvine, San Diego, and Santa Cruz

A.I. Scholars Live Online

Location: Online but taught by a team of graduate students from Stanford, MIT, and more.

Johns Hopkins Engineering Innovation Pre-College Programs

Location: Johns Hopkins


Location: University of Pennsylvania. 

Coding Station

Computer Science Summer Programs

Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program

Location: Virtual

Tandon (NYU) Summer Programs: Automation, Robotics, and Coding

Location: New York university

Quinnipiac University Summer Pre-College: Computing and Data Science

Location: Quinnipiac University

Integem Holographic AR AI, Game Design, Art, Animation & Game Design 

Location: San Francisco

Terp Young Scholars:

Location: University of Maryland

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