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Interested in Applying to College?


Firstable you will need your transcript. Transcript is all the grades that you had earn in high school. You will need to get your transcript evaluated to receive credits, and keep in mind that your grades will also be translated in to a GPA (Grade Point Average) usually going from 1 to 4. 


Essays are a huge part of the application, is the only factor that allows admission officers to hear the voice of the student. There is a main essay called "Personal Statement" that will be the one all colleges see when you submitted it through the Common App. However, you have to keep in mind looking at the requirements of the application since most colleges require supplemental essays that are additional essays that differ among colleges.


Both SAT and ACT are standardize tests that are submitted to college as a part of your application. You can find test centers in your home country by going to the website of the College Board. However, Many colleges/universities have recently had a test-optional policy, meaning that is not required to send your scores. Furthermore, both tests are going digital as we move to 2024. 

Letters of Recommendation

Letters of Recommendation are letters that teachers write regarding their students. The student must ask the teacher for one and ideally is a teacher that knows the individual well or is from a class related to the student's major.

Activity List

The Activity List is to show what do you do outside the classroom. Are you involve in any clubs, competitions, nonprofits, organizations?

I know this can be a little confusing since in many countries extracurriculars are not a big factor, but in this case they are, colleges want to know what you do besides studying. However, an activity can be anything not necessarily something complex, a perfectly good activity can be program in your free time or babysitting. 


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